Instrumental rock music that appeals to a wide audience is rare to come by anymore. Typically, this kind of music falls into one of two camps: it’s either too cerebral to readily access or there simply isn’t enough meaningful content to keep it interesting for the listener. Yet, Choose to Find has seemed to create a unique sound that draws in fans of both pop music and art music. "My songwriting is greatly influenced by film music, so most of the songs are like a soundtrack for my life," says Todd Marston, pianist and songwriter for the group. "Everyone appreciates a good story and all of Choose to Find’s songs are based on stories."

Formed in Boston in 2006, Choose to Find is an unconventional rock group in that they use a combination of acoustic piano and electric guitar as the primary melodic voices. Imagine an inventive singer-songwriter band that requires no vocalist. This configuration has helped Choose to Find carve their own spot somewhere in between the post-rock and jazz genres. But Choose to Find is a far cry from being a mellow group. Fans of Choose to Find thrive on the high energy emotional rollercoaster that their songs provide. About their unique sound, Sonic Frontiers wrote, “Choose to Find puts on an aural spectacle unlike any other,” and they “go beyond the overdone post-rock trends”, while Daily Vault wrote that Choose to Find’s music takes the listener on “a vastly entertaining safari into unexplored musical territory.”

The members of Choose to Find are each powerhouse musicians in their own right. Composer/pianist Todd Marston and guitarist Colin Sapp cut their teeth together back in the early 2000s at Boston’s hub of contemporary music, Berklee College of Music. A trademark of Sapp and bassist Andy Dow is their original use of looping electronic effects underneath their intricate finger work. Drummer G. Maxwell provides sweeping dynamic landscapes, controlling the driving energy of the group’s sound while effortlessly grooving through odd meter shifts. According to Sapp, “Choose to Find’s music is demanding for everyone in the band, which is what makes this group so much fun to perform with. The music makes each person on stage kick so much butt at every show.”

Somewhat parallel to modern art, Choose to Find leaves it up to the listener to decide what tale their music is telling. "That's part of the beauty of instrumental music," says Marston. "The narrative is not dictated by words, so each performance tells a different story depending on what we and the audience are experiencing and feeling in the moment." While no two Choose to Find shows are alike, one thing is certain: Choose to Find’s live performance will bring listeners on a memorable journey through instrumental song every time.


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